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IRCam is a high-speed automatic device for finding people, animals or fire from the air.

In any weather. Any time of the day.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of people are lost in forests, mountains and seas. Most of them find their own way home and return to their families. Another part of them is found and returned to the family by rescuers. And a small part, unfortunately, perishes because they could not be found.

If that wasn’t enough, rescue teams have to rely on outdated technology in situations where every wasted minute can cost human lives.

What we do


IRCam focuses on finding missing people using machine vision and artificial intelligence. Our flying drones with IRCam device onboard scan the search area and automatically transmit the coordinates of the detected people to the operator in real time.

We transfer this data to the rescue teams and inform the missing people that they will be saved soon. This allows rescue teams to save people before their health begins to deteriorate.


Our advantages


IRCam system is fully automated. We have successfully challenged many disadvantages that existing missing people detection systems are facing today. IRCam UAV can operate in an any area in any weather conditions at any time of the day. It is capable of real-time data sharing and doesn’t need human input to analyse information. Even more… we get rid of the need to use a lot of search rescuers and volunteers.
We determine the exact location of the missing people and use different opportunities (high-quality photo, ultra-bright LED flash, notification megaphone) to understand that this is exactly the person who is being searched. Using IRCam system can significantly reduce costs of search and rescue operations and save more lives.

Early detection grid


To be better prepared for finding people we recommend installing  IRCam early detection grid – a network of IRCam devices attached to cell towers in areas with a in places of the most frequent loss of people.
Devices use machine vision to search and determine the coordinates of detected people. Further, these coordinates are transmitted to the rescuers to organize a rescue operation.


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Our technology


Our first product is a smart UAV payload with machine vision and AI to help find and recognize missing people.
IRCam system consists a three-band optical detect system, a powerful LED flash, voice alert device, communication equipment and MV/AI software. This device can be attached to any UAV or small aircraft.

IRCam device

IRCam device is an electrooptical detection device with MV/AI software. Airborne module comes with a 2 or 3 axis gimbal and is designed to give UAVs machine vision capabilities. 
Stationary module comes with a 2-axis gimbal and is designed to be used on cell towers to monitor large areas for finding missing people.


IRCamUAV integrates our IRCam device, communication module, artificial intelligence and machine vision with fixed wing and rotor UAV platforms.

How can IRCam help you?


High-speed, automatic search for people from the air by drones is available for testing by rescue teams in mid-2020 all over the world.



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